Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is a "here is one I prepared earlier" post - I found this Storify thing and had a fiddle and realised it was perfect for doing just this - so I tweeted a few photos on our walk this evening and dragged them into this story - which is hopefully embedded right here:

If there is nothing here except these 2 or 3 paragraphs of text ... then I guess it didn't work/stopped working/didn't work for you or something ...
It worked OK on the other blog post I just did - over here on my main blog (the one I post to a bit more often ;-)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Yummy new bone

... but a very old unfinished post I found in the drafts on one of my other blogs ... not sure why I was going to put it there and not here anyway - so I just copied it into here instead ... now I just have to finish it so I can post the thing!
I had some file names for photos temporaily written in here but I had not actually uploaded them to blogger yet ... oh - when I went to upload them I realised why - they were videos, which take a while to upload - so I probably ran out of evening and decided to do it later when I had more time) ... I wrote most of this post, and added the first 2 videos, back in the middle of 2008!
So why drag out some draft post from 2008 and post it now? ... well - I had already uploaded 2 of the videos, wanted to put at least one of those other ones on youtube anyway (the last one) ... and this will do for a Y post for ABC Wednesday (I already did one on my main blog, but it is ages since I posted something here and this is a good excuse - LOL)
So ... here is a post about a Yummy (not so) new bone:

Guess who got a "new" bone?

(and guess who just rememberd that blogger now has a thing to upload video here, instead of having to put it on youtube or somewhere and link to it? lol ... so of course I have to have a play with it ;-)
I sometimes bring some very strange things home from work - probably something to do with the fact that I have a slightly strange job - I am the "science assistant" at a high school (in most states I would be called the "Lab Technician" or something fancy like that, but here in the ACT I guess we are not as highly thought of as that? lol) anyway ... I often get to bring home "leftovers" from when students disect hearts or kidneys or something yucky like that (all quite edible ... well they were before the students sliced them up with scalpels and poked their fingers in them and dropped them on the floor or whatever ... I buy them from the butcher - in fact I don't think the students are allowed to use stuff that is not fit for human consumption).

Anyway - the other day (actually a week or 2 ago I think) we had a clean out of one of the store rooms and we threw out a pile of old cow skulls that were lying around on some top shelves … most of them were gungy old ones and some even had a few bits of old skin still hanging off them … and even if a teacher wanted to show their class a manky old cow skull … we only needed one, not about 10 of the things! - so I “rescued” one from the rubbish pile – a big one with horns and all, and a few bits of “yummy” dried skin hanging off the nose/etc – and brought it home and gave it to Diesel.

Here is the cow skull, in the driveway after I got it out of the car.

I decided to be nice and carry it out to the back yard for him (he wasn't sure if he should try and drag it somewhere or just start eating it where it was!)

– I think he thought it was Christmas! LOL

I don't think he knew what bit to chew first! LOL

- I would not want to be on the wrong side of those teeth! ... actually ... I guess I sometimes am! - this is the same dog who will play rough wrestling/etc games and chew the back of my neck or grab my ear or my arm or whatever - and never do any harm - he knows just how hard to grab so it sort of almost hurts but doesn't do any damage (and he knows exactly how much harder he can grab if I am hiding under the doona and he is out on top) ... btw - he can also carry an egg without breaking it (yes he has done that - the first time I gave him a raw egg, still in the shell - he didn't know what it was or what to do with it so he carried it outside and put it down in the back yard ... I had to go get it and break it open - then he ate it, shell and all!)

… I even opened the gate and took a photo of the open gate and him in the back yard looking at me and chewing the skull ...
(not a very good photo, rather boring looking in fact - so I won't bother putting it here)
... and he didn’t stop chewing it to try and come out (usually when I even go near the gate he shoves his way past me and squeezes out the gate as soon as I open it a few inches) ... he did do that the first time I went out the gate after I carried it into the yard for him ... but then when we went back in the gate (after I took the sunset photo I went out there for ;-) he went straight back to it and really got into it (that was when I took the above video) he decided it was just too good to leave alone ... lol

a few minutes later:

[p6200037] (figured I may as well leave these file names here just for the heck of it, normally if I do that sort of thing I delete the notes to myself once I have done the things that I wrote the notes to tell myself to do)

- he is really getting into it now! ... "just got to get that bit of gungy dead skin off because it is just so yummy" ... lol

"maybe if I try another angle?"


" ... or 2 ... or maybe I will just put it down and eat the other bits I have already chewed off"

still less than 35 minutes after I got home - and look how much "damage" he has already done:


… I hope they don’t want it back – LOL – there is now rather a lot of it missing! (like half of each horn, and all of the nose)

[take another photo of whatever is left ... and look and see if those were fresh buglies in it or old ones!]

... and that is where I saved it and never went back to finish it - LOL

hmmm - I wonder if I actually DID that? ... I guess I will find out when I look in the folder of June2008 photos to find the other ones I have to add in here (I know it is June from the file names and I know it was 2008 from the date the draft post was saved - lol)

ah good - found one - p6280179, and p6280180  ... if I don't find any even better ones (that I may have taken later than those 2) I can add them when I do the others (  well ... i was going to - until I actually looked which photos those file names were and realised they were videos - I guess that is why I didn't have time to throw the last 3 up there - videos take a lot longer to upload than photos do so I probably ran out of "evening" as usual ;-)

and while I am at it ... may as well put this one here too ... because it kind of looks ... er ... weird
 - it was just after the last one, and he is pulling weird bits of stuff OUT of the nose and eating them - lol

ok - went to upload the videos and noticed that now google own both blogger and youtube - I can just click a button or 2 and choose videos from youtube ... so I might stick those other 3  4 there, and add them here that way.

And ... that isn't the only time he has had a lot of fun with something dead ... I found a video that I took 2 or 3 weeks later ... and, before I decided to to the others that way as well, I started uploading that to youtube (easier to gross out my facebook friends by sharing it if I put it there ... and I can gross out the rest of the big wide world too ... lol)
ok ... upload says it is done,  I may as well add that the same way as I am now doing the other 3

well ... all 4 are now on Youtube ... only took half a minute to grab them from there and put them here ... all looks ok at this end ... except a link I just remembered I have not added (just did that ;-)  now I guess I had better post this ... once I work out how to add this blog to the thingy that puts the posts on my other blog onto my facebook ... lol (ok, found it and figured it out - that appears to be working now;-)

Time to post this mess and finish some of the other things I have been trying to do at the same time ...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A nice long walk ...

An Alternate title could probably have been "A day in the life of a dog" ... seeing I probably would have only had to Add a little bit to include the other things Diesel did that day.
(woke up when DH did, went for a morning walk with him, came home and slept until I woke up - which was rather late due to the night owl habits I seem to have in the school holidays when I am not at work, alternated between following his people around (to see what was going on as they came and went and did stuff, and try and get toshare any nice food they may have) and sleeping until the thunderstorm came - at which time running around the back yard barking at the thunderclaps seemed like a fun thing to do - no, no fear there - just that they were right overhead and loud, so barking back at them seemed like a good game ... at which time I decided that it would be nice to go for a walk ... after which the previous activities of the day resumed - alternating between keeping an eye on what his people were doing and sleeping ... ah "its a dog's life" LOL

Anyway ... back to the subject of this post ... which is also my A post for ABC Wednesday - now At the start of its 6th time Around (but I missed the first 3, and about half of the 4th and 5th rounds, and what I did post was mostly on A different blog - lol - Actually most of my posts will be At that other blog - that one is my main blog - this one belongs to my Animals - lol)

so ... here we have ... A post (not sure if it is Awsome or just Awful ;-) All (well - Almost All) About A nice walk in the rain, And the sun, And A swim ... etc:

[lots of photos go next, with comments about them]

[and this is where this post got saved as a draft and kind of forgotten about for half a week - because I ran out of evening before I Added the photos ... so now it is going to be a few days late ... or even later if I don't add all the photos and post this now - lol]

Now where do I start? - I guess A good place to start is At the beginning - I have A good excuse for including A cloud photo ... Although I think Anything in the Atmosphere Already qualifies for an A post Anyway ;-)
The weather looked a bit ominous ...

... but we went for a walk Anyway ... like I said at the start of this post - the stormy weather was WHY we went when we did - lol

yes ... we had only gone a little way when the path started getting spotty with raindrops:

... which gave me An excuse to include a photo of the flowers (not that I need An excuse to include one more photo when there Are About 30 more of the things in this post!)

Diesel didn't care about the rain - meant it was cooler so he could run around going nuts

eek - freaky looking creature eh?

we saw some skippawobbellys (slang for kangaroos and/or wallabies)

which would have been chased had they not been on the other side of the fence ... but they hopped away anyway.

guess where they hopped to? - yep closer to the dam we were planning on going to (if figured if the dog was going to get wet and muddy anyway, he may as well go for a swim and get really wet) ... so he got put on the lead to walk right past where some of them were sitting in the long grass, and around to the other side of the dam where the water was closer than the 'roos were.

I can see at least 4 'roos in the tall grass on the other side of the dam in this photo. (but I am sure there are more hiding there)
Oh goody - now the dog is having his swim, and the water is nice and clean (not all muddy) he might be a bit cleaner than he was.

of course now that he was nice and wet, and fairly clean, what must a dog do besides roll on the ground?!

oh well - I guess he will dry faster ...

except - guess what he rolled IN

yep - duck poo! ... and ugh - look at all that stinky mud/etc all over him!

so I threw something in the water so he would go back in (I couldn't find a stick so I threw in a small rock - which he will also dive in to try and fetch - lol) ... not sure how much of the duck poo washed off though ... so when he seemed to want to keep walking I decided we may as well head down to the further away and even bigger pond

which is off in the distance in the middle of this photo (you might need to click on it to go to the full size version to see it properly)

of course he ran ahead and was already in the water by the time I got there

he chases the ducks, but they swim faster than he does so he gives up and swims back again.

eek - it's the Loch Ness monster?

It is quite a big pond ...

and if you look at the water you can see it is still raining - lol (you might need to click on the photo for a bigger one again) ... but it wasn't cold so we kept walking and headed off around the pond.

The rain really brings out the colours in stuff - like this gum tree bark on the ground.

I don't think it would be possible for a dog to BE any wetter than this!

Often he never bothers to shake himself when he comes out of the water ... but sometimes he shakes himself while he is still IN the water
... pity about the pink plastic rubbish - one can't go anywhere close to where people live and not see rubbish ... sigh.

ooooh - should I go chase the swans?

actually he already had - but they just swam over the other side of the pond and he gave up - the swans are not silly. (not that the dog would hurt them ... although if a dog did try to catch/pick a fight with a swan I am fairly sure the swan would win!)

a nice breeze, which makes this photo look like it was cold and bleak - but the rain has stopped and the breeze was warm, not cold.

and if you click on it and look at the bigger version of the photo you can see road that comes down the hill (the one we walked down to get here from the other pond) on the left hand side of the photo ... home is somewhere in the distance behind the trees/other houses/etc somewhere in the middle of the photo.

this is right down the othe end of the pond.

(actually it is near where the previous photo was taken, but facing the other way) - gee that grass and stuff is green!

It is not quite so green further away from the pond (but there is some green grass there amongst the brown stuff)

and this is the other side of that other end of the pond. It is sort of a very wiggly L shape (if you really stretch your imagination) and the houses are only on one side -  and those hills are in New South Wales - our suburb is right next to the ACT/NSW border - in fact I think the border is about where the power lines are - the cows just behind them are in NSW but the pond is in the ACT
(I kind of find it amusing that I can lie in bed on a summer night and hear sheep and cows going baaa and moo in another state! - especially seeing that, because for the first 10 years of my life I grew up somewhere that wasn't so close to a border I was probably about 10 years old before I ever got to travel to another state)

That last photo was where we headed off away from the pond (even though the dog wanted to keep going around it/in it/whatever - lol) and this photo is near there, but facing the other way (not that it matters - lol)

- I picked some flowers from a vacant block near the pond (they are still building some of the houses around it - there were none at all when we moved to where we are, and the pond was kind of in the middle of cow paddocks, but now the area it is almost all finished being built up with houses ... and some picnic shelters and playgrounds and stuff.)

er ... yes - the doggy was soggy.

and I think he was probably more "live" than that silly looking green box. (they are something to do with the underground power ... so there are a lot of the things around the place next to the footpaths)

The rain also brings out the colours of the green grass against the wooden fences ...

hmmm - this pair of wattle birds were having fun.

they were in these trees that are along the road we walked beside on our way home.

the rain also brings out the colours in the red seed pods that have fallen off these grey wattle bushes.

the pods are not attached here - I picked them up from the ground and sat them on a branch so I could take a photo of the colours.

when I had taken that last photo I turned around to see what the dog was doing - and this is what I saw:

"what the?" - that path that heads off to the right is the laneway that goes to the street our house is on (and our house is about 100m away from the end of the laneway - so the dog usually either heads off down that way to see if he can find one of the neighbours cats, or heads over to the bike path, where those white posts are, for a sniff - but this time he was lying down on the grass!)

ahh - so that is what he is doing!

it seems he found a bone ...

... which he proudly carried home.

(because I didn't want to wait there while he ate the rest of it - lol)

hmmm - that was only SOME of the photos I took - sometimes I take A lot of photos! - but imagine how many more I might have taken if we had gone walking around sunset?!

this photo was taken that same evening - I took the photo in Belconnen (about 10minutes drive from home) when I was there dropping something off to DD at her work.

And this was Diesel a bit later in the evening - still a bit damp so his fur is all nice and crinkly looking.

And this is him trying to sleep ...

... but sometimes - wherever he lies down - the cat comes and sits next to him! LOL

And ... Another day (the next day Actually) same pond Again ...

but this time was DH and I both taking him, and he didn't get to go swimming, and we only went to one end of that pond, not All the way Around it (or in to the other one first ... lol)

And this post is going to be Another day later because this newer post editor thingy Also seems to insist on doing some weird formatting things - like Adding a pile of silly stuff inside div tags that messes around with how I want to Arrange the text and photos ... And it will take A while to fiddle around and fix things, And I still need to Add all the stuff about what the photos Are (At the moment there is no text in Amongst the photos, but there should be once I post this ;-)
... And I Am not doing All that stuff now - because, seeing someone seems to have stolen a few hours from my evening, it is now Almost sunrise, I am getting tired and I really do need to go to bed before I fall Asleep on the keyboard!

ok ... now it is the next day, so I am back here adding all the descriptions around the photos (and swearing at all the odd formatting stuff it Automatically put in there ... just to make things difficult? - lol)... and I was part way through that when DH came in and told me about a website he found - where I could go and double click on all the places I walked to draw a line on the map that shows where I went, and adds up the distance I went ... (the website is http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ ) of course it is easier to just do it roughly so it probably looses some of the actual distance I went by rounding off all the corners ... which is why it only ended up being 5.5km (although it probably wasn't any more than about 6km that I walked ... but with all the back and forth and round in circles the dog does when he isn't on the lead - he probably went twice as far!

I guess now that I have added All the photos And All the writing, I had better Actually post this sometime soon ...
- sometimes blogging can take way longer than it should - like this time - I re-sized All those photos (because the originals are huge) and I cropped some of them and had to rotate at least one ... and for some odd reason one of them was sideways when it got to my blog! ... so I went back to the photos on the computer to see what was going on - and (even though I had saved it AFTER I rotated and then cropped the edges off) it too was sideways - but - even weirder - it was sideways the OTHER way! ... some weird glitch or something in the image editing program I was using I guess ... and possibly also another weird glitch in blogger ... I eventually got it to save with the dog the right way up - started again from the original photo and the only thing I did different was that I cropped more off the sides so it was a rectangle not a square ... A is also for Ampersand - and the blog editor thingy also has a habit of Adding bits of html with those in them in odd places - the &  with things after it - that reprasent things like space and brackets - so if I type them in here they will just show up as spaces and brackets and stuff - unless I get really creative with how I do it - which I did in one blog post once ... on one of my other blogs ... but I would have to fiddle to remember how I did it, and it took a lot of fiddling to get it to work anyway ... which is probably why that blog post took ages ... it is Amazing how much time one can "loose" while having fun (?) fiddling with bloggy stuff/etc - lol

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

hmmm ... it has been quite a while since I posted anything here ... oops?

(I have been kind of busy lately - maybe they should move Christmas to a more quiet time of the year? :-)

btw, if you don't like the card - there might be a different one on one or more of my other blogs ... depends how many more cards I get around to creating and how many of my other blogs I get around to posting them to this evening - lol
(actually this is about the 5th, and probably the last, one - lol - there is a different version of this card on my Mungo blog - I put one without the presents on there, so if you want to print/download (and/or whatever) that one and use it to make a "real" card (a "last minute" one? ... or maybe next Christmas? - lol) - there is some space to write on the "card")

(there are links to some of my other blogs in the side-bars of some of them ... and they should all come up in the list you get if you look at my profile ;-)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Slurp ... etc.

Click on this for an even closer up look - go on - I dare you!

He also likes washing faces ... and the cat's backside ... and my knees while I am sitting on the dunny with my pants around my ankles!

I actually cropped that from a photo DD took the other day ... she came in while I was fiddling around sorting some stuff out in the bedroom, and ended up lying on the floor with the camera, taking photos of the dog from below ... LOL

(btw, I re-sized this one quite a bit smaller, so if you want a really good close up of that tounge, then click on the first photo - I left that full size - just cut the edges off)

I logged in to post this photo, and a few others and just noticed that they follow on nicely from the top photo on the previous post on this blog (which was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long ago, but should be right under this one ... lol)

I seem to have ended up with quite a few photos of Diesel and Spook (the dog and the cat), with their tounges hanging out/sticking out/licking stuff/licking each other/etc ... LOL

... and there is also a tounge hanging out in this picture that I posted on here a while back.

If the truth be known, there is probably a flickr group for "animals with tounges hanging out" or somesuch ... but I am not going looking for that right now ... LOL

I also ended up with a few more photos that I originally intended - when I went looking for the couple of tounge/etc ones I was planning to post, I found a whole heap more that fitted in here as well - LOL

Here we have the dopey look:

and I thing this one might be "I am bored, but I am jealous of you taking photos of the cat so I am going to sit here and be in them too ... "

"I can smell something interesting in the car - it must be something for me?"

mmm, yum - a ruff full of drool!

and a pillow full of drool!

- I am glad it wasn't MY pillow he was washing!

"my turn"

(yes ... got some photos of the cat's tounge too)

"I wonder if the dog needs a wash?"

Actually I think she might have been biting his tail - she does that sometimes ... which is probably why he looks a bit nervous here ...

"what the ...?"

"do you HAVE to?"

yes - another tounge ...

The dog had just had a bath, so I think the cat was trying to lick him dry - lol

he always looks so worried when she does that ...

maybe this is why? - he is worried about those claws
("want a comb sir?")

they actually do get on ok together ... even sleep on the bed together!

although this look on his face says he would probably rather sleep on the bed without her there as well - lol
(that or maybe it means he would rather I didn't keep taking photos?)

yes you can see that HE is quite comfy there ...

and she is quite comfy here IN my fabric and stuff!

she also likes to lie on my crocheting/etc ... both on my lap, and on the lounge if I put it down and get up and do something ...

and not to be left out - he likes to steal someone's seat when they get up too!

although he usually prefers not to lie on stuff - in fact he often comes and lies on the lounge between DH and I - but if there is something on there in his way he looks at us funny until one of us moves whatever it is (usually remote controls/books/crocheting/etc) out of his way, and then climbs up there and lies down.
even if he isn't on the lounge with us (he usually doesn't stay there long - gets too hot I think) - he still likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on.

... "If I lie here and look cute they might eventualy give me some people food ... "

"can I eat it yet?"

he can be quite gentle ... especially when he knows we think it is cute and will probably feed him more if he does what he is supposed to ...

for some odd reason he really loves these particualr biscuits ...
(they are rather "more ish" LOL)

... he also likes shredding the box later on!

in fact he likes shredding all sorts of things ...

... and he was not being very gentle with this one:

doggy heaven! - a walk in the rain, and getting to "kill" the remains of a dead sheep that he had just found and rolled in!
(yes - he had a bath when we got home!)

All that work makes one hungry ... but ... "do I have to share my water with the cat?!"

(yes - another photo with a tounge in it!)

"if she insists on being there, then I will move my bowl over here"

"what? you expected me to put it back when Ihad finished? ... ha ha ha ... "

yes - he actually DID drag his bowl over there while he was eating ... he sticks his nose in and starts eating and slides the bowl around the floor ... often he moves it closer to wherever we are at the time! ... the other thing he does, especially if he gets hungry after we have gone to bed, is to go to his bowl and get a mouth full of crunchies (dry dog food) and then he comes wandering down to the bedroom or wherever we are still chewing them ... but finishes before he gets all the way here and goes back for more ... and comes back down still chewing that lot ...

sometimes it is like having our own circus in the house ... or in the back yard ...

I think they try to be friends ... lol

I think this post has got rather long too ... also took me rather a long time to find and re-size/crop/whatever all those photos ... I ran out of evening ages ago and if I don't go to bed soon I will also run out of night! LOL

(the time on this post is when I started doing it ... I did fiddle with a couple of other things at the same time ... but I spent way too long in here - it is now almost 4 1/2 hours later! ... oops)